Texture Finishes



Flamed faces have a slightly translucent speckled grey colour, varied by slightly and randomly developed lighter areas. The surface is smooth but with an irregular texture of minor creases. This finish is the result of the torching of the stone surface with a white hot open flame, lending a modern finish with a truly original texture. With excellent slip-resistant properties, flamed Irish limestone is perfect for outdoor uses, including paving and landscaping works, paths and terraces. The distinctive aesthetic of this finish has also made it popular for cladding and indoor use.



(Also known as Peon hammered finish)

The Bush-hammered finish delivers a dark blue-grey background with randomly distributed, closely spaced and contrasting paler blue-grey indentations. The surface has a smooth background which is in contrast to a pattern of fine dimpling. Due to its superior slip-resistant qualities, Irish blue limestone with a Bush-hammered finish is an ideal choice for outdoor use on paving, kerbs and steps. This finish is also applied for decorative purposes and to showcase the various characteristics in a large piece of Irish blue limestone.



(Also known as ‘Ice Flower’)

Also known as the ‘Ice Flower’ finish, this dressing involves the application of a pattern of white etching onto the surface of Irish blue limestone. Light in colour, it resembles the pretty pattern of ice crystals which form on the surface of a freezing window. This frosted finish is a recent innovation in stonemasonry and, since its introduction, has been developed to great effect on cladding, paving and building work.