Vintage Finishes


Stonewashed Light

A specific finish resulting from abrasive action of ceramic chips on the stone surface. The technology is widely used for marbles and limestone and renders a surface with a typical micro pattern that has an increased resilience to scratching. Stonewashed light tiles are most applicable in interior flooring but it also suitable for outdoor surfaces where an aged appearance is desired.


Stonewashed Dark

A similar finish as Stone Washed Light tiles, this time starting from a honed surface results in dark variation with the same typical micro pattern and increased resilience to scratching.

Smoother than the Stonewashed Light tile, this finish is less suitable for usage in external environments.



With a dark grey-blue colour, Abbey is a speckled patinated finish. This smooth finish gives an aged and natural appearance showing a characteful patina as well as natual forms such as veins, white calcite, fossils etc. The edges of the tiles are slightly rounded to mimic the wear of countless footsteps through the ages. This finish is highly suited to interior flooring due to the dark colour, it’s smooth and yet rustic appearance and its easy to maintain nature.



This smooth finish is inspired by rustic, country-style tiles. It has an slightly aged appearance and combines fossils and other natual forms with a subtle, smooth texture. Cottage tiles are highly suited to internal flooring and are easy to maintain with their smooth and rustic appearance.


Blue Brushed

This finish is the result of intensive grinding of the surface with special brush-type tools.
The brushes consist of fine diamond particles trapped in a plastic matrix. The specific surface density of the particles determines the final blue-gray colour of the stone surface. Blue Brushed is a highly durable finish, perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.