Kilkenny Limestone® is available in standardised slab as a base material for Stone Masons and craftsmen. They can be produced to thicknesses ranging from 20mm to over 400mm.

Slabs of Irish Blue Limestone have long since been worked and transformed by skilled craftsmen into beautiful work surfaces, floors and a myriad of other uses within the built environment.

Kilkenny Limestone produces a standardised slab of typically 2.5 metres x 1.3 metres. Multiple thicknesses are available in slabs of Kilkenny Limestone. Slabs of Irish Blue Limestone are available in a range of 13 Finishes.

A natural and textural material, Irish Blue Limestone is also beautifully suited to interior spaces. Irish Blue Limestone work surfaces are an ideal way to showcase a premium piece of stone in an indoor space. With a wonderful diversity of colour and fossil patterns, it serves as a perfect way to fuse nature with an indoor living space, ideally utilized in contemporary and traditionally designed kitchens, workspaces, desks, boardroom tables, hotel appointments and vanity sett tops. Over time, Irish Blue Limestone worktops adopt a rustic patina, developing a heightened sense of texture and a continually changing aura.