The dark honed finish is achieved through the use of a range of grits.

The gallery contains real images of the ‴Letano‴ finish.

The smooth and even appearance rendered by the dark honed finish is achieved through the use of a range of grits. When a honed finish is applied to Irish blue limestone, the coarseness of the grit used will directly impact the colour of the final finish. The finest grit (500) will achieve a dark blue-grey to black appearance. Crinoids are revealed as well-defined surface mottling, with finely honed shell beds often appearing black with a spectacular white contrast provided by the brachiopods and other sea life. The level of grit used will also affect the texture of the finish. Finer grits (300 and 500) produce a smooth matt texture.

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Technical Specifications of Irish Blue Limestone by Kilkenny Limestone

Technical Specifications Test Average Value
Apparent Density (kg/m3) EN 1936 2677
Porosity (% vol) EN 13755 0.10
Frost Resistance EN 12371 Frost Resistant (F1)
Thermal Expansion (mm/mK) EN 14581 0,0055
Compressive Strength (N/mm2) EN 1926 136
Flexural Strength (N/mm2) EN 12372 16.8
Wear Resistance (mm) EN 14157 18.4
Ultrasonic Velocity (m/s) 5239

Chemical composition

Over 98% Calcite, 0.7% Dolomite, 0.7% Quarts, 0.2% organic Carbon, Less then 0.1% Iron Sulfite

Due to its extremely low Iron composite content, Irish blue limestone is suitable for use in pressurized urban or industrial environments without risk of compromising the stone through brown discolouration or staining.